My name is Lucy Strawberry, I am an artist and blogger from the Uk. I am the owner of an Etsy shop (LucySStrawberry) and I sometimes blog (just for fun) here. I love to draw, paint and write as well as take photos that I love to share. I also have a pet snail named Norman and many other creatures that often make a feature in my art.

I have dreamt of being an artist since I was very young and I enjoy pursuing that in every form I can, my Etsy shop is my main outlet for this and love the idea that people can love art so much they want to buy it. Photography is another passion that I pursue and have even been published in two magazines in the last few years. In 2022 I created my Etsy shop to try and spread what I create around the world to anyone who wants it. It is my hope one day that my art will be my full-time job but until that day, I will do everything in my power to make it happen!

I post on my Instagram the behind the scenes to my art, how I make it, doodles and such. Anything you could ever want to see of my art day-to-day is on there. It is linked at the top of the page (as well as my Etsy) so you can see all of my artistic endeavours and maybe you might want to buy some?

Any support is always greatly appreciated and I hope you find something you love amongst my creations!

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